We strive to give our students a complete understanding of equine therapies in both theory and hands on application in an enjoyable and supportive learning atmosphere. The Equine Therapy course we have developed is one of the most comprehensive equine courses offered.

Our programs emphasize evaluation of the entire horse to identify, understand and treat the root cause of a muscular problem, not just the most obvious symptoms. When evaluating a horse, our students are taught to consider each of these components: Skeletal Conformation, Hoof Health, Past Use and History, Current Discipline and Training Program, Cross-training Program, Nutritional Program, Tack and Rider. Each of these elements has an effect on the horse’s movement, temperament and well-being. The end results of the Cape Equine Therapy Course are respected therapists who are well prepared to work effectively with horses.

The field of Equine Sports Massage, also known as Equine Massage or Horse Massage has gained acceptance by the mainstream and has grown tremendously. Equine Sports Massage (ESM) and Integrated Equine Therapy are valuable components in any equine athlete’s training program. Equine massage is also wonderful for very young and very old horses. Equine massage is an effective way to manage and modify horse behaviour. Equine massage is a treatment that feels good and promotes a state of relaxation and trust; two very good things for nervous, fearful or grumpy horse.

Students who enrolled and completed the Cape Equine Therapy Course range from amateur owners to professional horsemen and veterinarians. All students share an interest in learning equine sports massage therapy techniques and exploring the application of complementary therapies to horses. The Cape Equine Therapy Course is all of the 8-12 day courses in the various stages of this certification course in one go, plus complimentary herbalism for horses and natural horsemanship. The Cape Equine Therapy Course fees include accommodation, meals, transfers, flight tickets and more.

We provide superior integrated equine therapy to our students, delivered with high intensity and all are received with high impact to empower students with relevant information and skills that make them better horsemen and competitors. Graduates of the Cape Equine Therapy Training Course leave with a knowledge base that makes them better horsemen and gives them a competitive edge in many aspects of the equine industry.