The course is of international standard and is a certificate course registered with the Equine & Equestrian Grading Council of South Africa.


Course Duration 26 Days (Monday to Friday)
Travel Insurance Included
Swellendam Accommodation Included
Meals at Swellendam Backpackers Included
Cell Phone Sim Card Included
Course Deposit €1500.00
Payable on Arrival €2000.00
Course Total €3500.00

After payment of €1500 deposit which will secure your accommodation and meals at our lodge the Tuition fee balance of €2000 is due on arrival by credit card or cash.


  1. Course Duration:
    This is a four week course, Mondays to Fridays, over  a period of 26 days in Swellendam.
  2. Transport:
    Flight from Heathrow or Gatwick airport / UK to Cape Town Airport South Africa, Pick up at Cape Town airport and transfer from Cape Town to Swellendam and back to Cape Town is included, other arrivals from Europe / Canada and USA as per arrangement with our agents.
  3. Accommodation:
    Accommodation is provided at our Lodge in shared accommodation for two students per twin en-suite room. Upgrades for a private room at additional cost.
  4. Meals:
    All meals are include; breakfast at the Lodge, lunch at the stable yard and lecture facility and dinner served at the Lodge.
  5. Course Material and Books.
  6. A sim card for your cell phone to use in South Africa.

Weekends are free for the students. You can choose to stay or travel to surrounding places of interest on the Garden Route or into the Little Karoo. Weekend excursions are for own cost. Accommodation meals and transport, Day trips and transport can be arranged from the lodge. Meals will be provided at the lodge to students staying over weekends as per normal.